Philosopher (‘Thoughtful Practitioner’) of
Helpfulness, Gentleness, Proximity, and Enhancement
in Relationships, Communities, Organisations, and Cultural Systems
(I’m the Garaíocht guy)

Public Speaker – CPD Trainer – Coach – Consultant
Activist – Social Artist – Educator – Writer
Songwriter – Poet – Translator – Actor
(I suspect Neo-Generalist might cover all of these,
but it’s a very unwieldy word. Then again, it’s a very unwieldy list. Then again, it’s a fun life.)

Husband and Dad 

“I loved your session. It was like a pool of stillness but from which many lively thoughts will breed.”

“Anthony’s approach encouraged openness without ever feeling intrusive, and I felt guided towards joining my own dots, and gently steered towards moments of enhanced perception.”

Putting Second Nature First