I love teaching. I worked for nearly 2o years as a university lecturer across the social sciences and humanities. I’ve held teaching positions at the University of California Santa Barbara, the University of Sheffield, Sheffield Hallam University, Ulster University, and Loughborough University over the years. I’ve given guest lectures at Queen’s University Belfast, the University of Chicago, Indiana University, the University of Durham, UCLA, the Library of Congress, the Smithsonian Institution, University College Cork, NUI Maynooth and other places.

In 2012 an opportunity arose to leave my fulltime teaching position, so I took it. Since then I’ve worked professionally as an international keynote speaker, a translator, a coach, a workshop facilitator, a broadcaster, a heritage consultant, a children’s entertainer, a guest lecturer, a songwriter, a voice actor, and a composer.

It has certainly been fun.

Still, I love teaching. And I miss it.

So, I’m teaching again. And this time I’ll be online.

I want to bring the same level of passion and focus to this online teaching that I brought to universities around the world.

I also want this teaching to be more personal – one-to-one tutorials and small groups, rather than classes where students sometimes numbered in the hundreds.

And I want this teaching to be financially accessible. More and more, a university education will cost you an arm and a leg, as administration and management overheads increase exponentially. A good learning conversation doesn’t have to cost the earth.

Here’s how the McAdemy works. 

Below you will find a list of courses I’ve taught, talks I’ve given, and presentations I’ve made. If you want to do any of them, get in touch. If it’s just you, fine. If there are a few of you, that’s great, too. Effectively, these are private conversational webinars, run on Zoom.

What is my teaching philosophy? With a less than subtle nod to a once-wonderful blockbuster franchise, I call my approach C3PO:

The thinking behind it is that virtual learning tends towards information delivery, so to foster a really healthy learning environment we need to make a special effort to keep it as human as possible.

Am I any good? Here are some testimonies …



How long does it last? It’s up to you. I can keep going for as long as you want, or I can tailor a bespoke short programme for you.

How often do I run them? By appointment. At the moment, just starting out, there is still space in my schedule. I have about 20 hours a week available. When I run out of hours in the week, you can book in advance.

How much do the lessons cost? It’s GBP£20 per hour for individual lessons online via Zoom. Or GBP£15 per person per hour for more than one person at a time.

Is there an even cheaper way to do it? There are also 15 monthly subscriptions on offer (GBP£160 per month, including up to 4 sessions a month and lots of extras). When they’re full, they’re full (it’s just me, so my time is limited). The subscription includes access to recordings of all of your sessions . It also covers any and every subject you want – full access to whatever I can help you with.  I am offering you my experience as a lecturer, research advisor, and qualified coach to help you explore life and learning in a way that is fun and personally rewarding. You might like to deepen your understanding of your own artistic or professional practice. You might like support for a  project you’re working on. You might want to learn something you never imagined you’d have the chance to.

This can also include training in any aspect of my own theoretical work if you’d like. Whatever it might be, get in touch and we can talk about the possibilities. You’ll also get access to drafts of any writing I do in advance of publication (lots of stuff in preparation, just need to get to it!).

How do you pay? All payments are by Paypal.

Putting this in perspective … The going rate for my speaking engagements is GBP£2000 per hour. I am offering these sessions at 1% of my going rate. My time is valuable. Make good use of this opportunity

Can companies pay for these sessions? When you enter a session I expect you to be speaking on your own behalf and thinking on your own terms. So, no, I’d rather you pay for it yourself. Be responsible for your own learning.

Can company executives pay for these sessions? If you can afford to pay the professional rate for professional services, do that. If you do really want to work with me, and not someone else, get in touch. I also provide Continuing Professional Development courses and workshops.

Do I provide accreditation? Not my circus, not my monkeys. If you have a passion to learn and a passion for living, I can help you.


Can I go deeper? I also have











These days , the only opportunity


work from home in Bangor, Northern Ireland. I have responsibilities as a Dad and a Carer, and



I’ve held positions at the Smithsonian Institution in Washington DC, the University of California Santa Barbara, the University of Sheffield, Sheffield Hallam University, Ulster University, and Loughborough University.

Did you ever think you’d love to learn something new, but weren’t sure if you could afford it?

The McAdemy is your chance to get full access to world-class university teaching without having to empty your bank account.

Did you ever think you’d love to learn something that would turn your world upside-down, blow your mind, and

Did you ever wonder what it’s like to get one-on-one tutorials at university on something that you’re passionate about?

Wonder no longer. Here you can get online tutorials on any of the subjects below, or one-on-one mentoring on any subject of your choosing


I’ve been awarded a Fulbright Award, a Government of Ireland scholarship, and the Charles Seeger Prize in Ethnomusicology.