Last Wednesday night I passed a very enjoyable evening in the company of a small group of people in the Culturen building in Västerså, Sweden. I was there at the invitation of Dougald Hine, a dynamic thinker and dreams-to-reality engineer who recently moved from London to live in Sweden. Dougald has found himself curating a series of public conversations/interviews simply by the happenstance of having invited a number of friends to visit him, and having those visits coalesce within the same period of time. Taking it as an opportunity, Dougald has taken on the role of curation with some vigour.

My conversation with Dougald and those in attendance was about the politics of gentleness and ordinary ethics, the core of the work of the Hummingbird Workshop.

Dougald has very kindly posted the audio of the evening on Soundcloud, which you can access via Dougald’s blog at