Behavioural Finance Forum

I won’t be able to get over to it myself, but tomorrow morning (8am – 10am) there is a very interesting Culture Change event happening in London, the 2015 Behavioural Finance Forum:

“Since the financial crash of 2007 and 2008 there has been huge pressure for reform and change in the culture of the financial services industry – and how it recruits, rewards and motivates its people, how it treats its customers, and how it communicates with its shareholders.

The Forum will bring together thought leaders from the leading financial and professional services companies, universities, business schools and the media, to discuss and debate:

  • A war for talent: why recruitment models need to change
  • Culture change in action: the balance of ethics, risk and profit
  • Serving, not selling: culture change and customer relationships
  • Big Data tsunami: HR, technology, change”

For more information and some interesting Culture Change resources, visit:

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