I enjoyed doing this. I went for a bit of a groove and just played around a bit. Unfortunately, this kind of repetitive work seems likely to give Emma a seizure, so I’ll be using headphones for this sort of work! I’ll be releasing stuff like this under the moniker The Woodfrog Conspiracy. What I particularly enjoyed in this:

  • Transitions – I was working on a sleight-of-hand principle. Don’t transition to a new groove unless you’ve distracted the listener first.
  • Chording – I didn’t care if things were layered in different keys. If I liked it, it stayed.
  • Surprises – different layers, rhythms, melodies combined in different ways can make patterns emerge that I didn’t expect. I knew this would happen, but it’s always a fun surprise when it does. 
  • I like mixing genres. Who knew. (That’s a really funny joke for anyone who knows me. Really funny. #ADHDBoy)



New Track: Bangoriana