Not Our Circus, Not Our Monkeys #GE2017

It’s a really important time in Northern Ireland. It is now that we can refocus on the possibilities of politics as a hard-edged commitment to nurturing, inclusiveness, and openness. At a shallow level, Northern Irish politics has recently been driven into cul-de-sacs by certain members of an increasingly well-remunerated political class, who often seem to find themselves having too much fun engaging in ritualised battle to concern themselves with the work of transforming Northern Ireland that they have actually been tasked with, and for which they are being paid. All of the patient work of the peace process was in order to achieve structural change in governance following a long period of conflict, killings, sectarian exclusion, discrimination, corruption, and state-sanctioned murder. Some (not me) would argue that at least one side of the paramilitary activity was a normal response to all of that under abnormal conditions, and others (not me) would likely argue something similar about the paramilitary responses from the other side in retaliation. Either way, almost all of the structural gains can be wiped out overnight if certain things happen over the next few days as they seem to be shaping up. If the Conservatives form a government

Cup of Tea

Garaíocht – the heart of human flourishing

Foclóir Gaeilge-Béarla Uí Dhónaill (Ó Dónaill’s Irish-English Dictionary) garaíocht, f. (gs. ~a). Coll: Turns, favours, services. ~ a dhéanamh do dhuine, to do good turns for, be of service to, s.o. Bheith in áit na ~a, to be in a position to help. Ó tharla in áit na ~a thú, since you are in a position to oblige. Ag ~ (do dhuine), doing turns, odd jobs (for s.o.). Anthony McCann, Founder and Creative Director, Hummingbird Culture Change Would you like a cup of tea? Imagine we’re having a cup of tea and a chat, just you and me in a kitchen. We’ve munched through a few biscuits, or cookies if you prefer, and the tea in my cup has gone a little cold. I don’t like cold tea. If pushed, I can struggle through, but you’re sitting beside the tea pot, and chances are there’s still a drop of hot tea left in the pot. You’re beside the teapot. I’m not. From my perspective, you’re in an active position to be helpful on account of your possibilities of proximity. You are here, you are now, you are with, and you are near, and in a position to help, and likely to help, I would