Hummingbird Culture Change

offer consultancy, training, workshops, and coaching in culture change, cultural climate, culture design, and leadership

Building on twenty years of original research, I will work with you to foster and facilitate environments that work better for:

  • Creativity, Idea Generation, and Innovation
  • Learning
  • Trust
  • Communication
  • Hospitality
  • Health and Wellbeing
  • Leadership
  • Engagement and Intrinsic Motivation
  • Safety
  • Cultural Sustainability

Read Anthony McCann’s recent keynote address on culture change in healthcare.

The Heart of Care McCann p1

For an introduction to our core concept of garaíocht, please read “Garaíocht: the heart of human flourishing”

What value does Hummingbird Culture Change bring to a culture-change process?

Bespoke Culture-Change Training

I can design a series of bespoke workshops for your organisation, delivered according to an appropriate timescale for your business. 

CPPD Training

I also offer the following stand-alone Continuing Personal and Professional Development (CPPD) facilitated workshops:  

  • Do We Need Culture Change?
  • First Principles of Culture Change
  • Start With How: professional practice with heart
  • Garaíocht: organisational ethics and the heart of human flourishing
  • Emotional Self-Defence in Working Life
  • Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Valuing Heritage Futures
  • The Stories We Tell About Ourselves: Organisational Storytelling 
  • The Integrative Organisation Workshop
  • Presence: Leadership and Learning 


Face-to-face coaching can be a vital tool at the heart of any culture change process. They offer a chance for dialogue which is: 

  • ​​Personable
  • Personalised
  • Structured
  • Action-Focused
  • Non-judgemental
  • Confidential

Through coaching, I will work with people in your organisation to enhance performance through a collaborative, action-focused process. I will use skills of listening, questioning, clarification, and feedback to help people assess their current situation and clarify what’s important to them, helping people establish clear goals and strategies to guide their next steps ​as an integrative part of the overall cultural climate of the organisation.


My Cultural Climate Framework is based on 20 years of original interdisciplinary research in the social sciences, combining systems theory, affect theory, and register analysis.  The framework offers analysis that is finite and manageable. It not only allows me to describe dynamic patterns of variation, it also explains how they happen to be that way, forecasts where they are most likely to go next, and guides responses in and through the processes of culture change. Learning the personality traits and dispositional qualities of a work environment, for example, will enable enhanced leadership decisions, improve wellbeing throughout the workplace, and make room for greater levels of organisational creativity, social innovation, and appropriate productivity.

The Cultural Climate Framework allows me to:

  • Identify, evaluate, and diagnose the cultural climate of an organisation, community, or environment;
  • Analyse trending behaviours that align with that cultural climate;
  • Assess people’s ability to respond to change, challenge and crisis within a cultural system;
  • Provide a healthcheck of the cultural sustainability of an organisation, community, or environment;
  • Help to clarify needs for culture change;
  • Offer guidance and recommendations with regards to culture change;
  • Explore the longitudinal implications of particular responses to culture change challenges.

By tracking specifics within an organisation, community, or work environment it is possible to develop appropriate generalisations to show what direction it is headed in. I work by identifying, evaluating, and addressing the core emotional structures of the situation, and their deep relationship to patterns of thought, norms of behaviour, and habits of power within the relational field of your cultural system. The cultural climate diagnostic process short-circuits  aspirational rhetoric and storytelling to accurately discern the cultural climate that people experience within a particular environment. The deeper the analysis I undertake, the more customised and helpful can be the culture-change process enacted throughout the system.

I believe that the Cultural Climate Framework  provides clear guidance and an incisive vision for leadership in the cause of better organisations, better communities, better cultural systems, and better environments for us to live in.

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