Anthony McCann’s Reflections on Culture Change and Leadership:

Blogpost: Garaíocht: the heart of human flourishing

Blogpost: Thinking About Culture

Blogpost: The Challenge of Culture Change

Blogpost: Cultural Climate and Culture Change

Blogpost: 8 First Principles of Culture Change

Blogpost: Presence and the Relational Field

Blogpost: Frog Soup

Blogpost: Self-Care and Enclosure

Blogpost: Double Listening

Blogpost: Building from the heart up …

Blogpost: Supermarkets, Shopping, and Discernment

Blogpost: Reading to inform, inspire, and ignite your exploration of leadership and culture change

Keynote: Performing the He(art) of Care: Beyond the Rhetoric Trap (Teesside University 2015, PDF)

External Blogpost: Genesis of the Cultural Climate Framework

Anthony McCann’s Other Work (it’s all connected):

Keynote: A Politics of Gentleness: towards a critical vernacular ecology (Oxford Peace House 2014)

Seminar: The Politics of Gentleness (Våsteros, Sweden 2014)

Interview: Gentleness in Coaching: Anthony McCann interviewed by Stuart Haden

Peer-reviewed Article: “All That Is Not Given Is Lost: Irish Traditional Music, Copyright, and Common Property.”

Peer-reviewed Article: “Enclosure Within and Without the Information Commons.” 

Peer-reviewed Article: “Opportunities of Resistance: Irish traditional music and the Irish Music Rights Organisation 1995-2000.”

Peer-Reviewed Article: “A Tale of Two Rivers: Riverdance, A River of Sound, and the Ambiguities of “Tradition”.”

Peer-reviewed Article: “What might I like my kids to learn about life?: in search of “tradition.”

Conference Paper: “The Politics of Gentleness in the Practice of Coaching.”

Conference Paper: “Crafting Gentleness: The Political Possibilities of Gentleness in Folkloristics and Ethnology” – an amended transcript.

Conference Paper: “Emotional and political possibilities of pedagogy in virtual worlds.”

Conference Paper (extended): “A Common(s) Language?: The Growing Challenge of Interdisciplinarity in Common Property Studies.”

Unpublished Paper: “Humanising Music and Copyright.”


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